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The CRG (Chameleon RTK Guidance) is a RTK-capable GPS receiver compatible with John Deere! The Chameleon RTK Guidance is a state-of-the-art receiver, compatible with your John Deere machines. It has a serial-in option for RTCM, and a Bluetooth option to use a Smart-phone for RTCM corrections too. Plus the option to add a modem to get RTCM corrections through the cell phone network. Includes a bridge module which can be activated later for use on Claas, Fendt, AGCO, CNH etc. machines.

The CRG receives GPS, GNSS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and will work with any base station providing RTCM 3.x corrections.

We also stock compatible base stations: Emlid Reach RS2 Base Station

Field tested it in Germany with the NTRIP Sapos network,

Field tested in Australia (NTRIP)

Field tested in Canada & US including compatibility with NTRIP setups.

The Agra-GPS CRG has 3 additional options to receive RTCM data:

🤳 Built-in modem (optional - select "With Modem" above)

📱Bluetooth (Smartphone NTRIP app) - included

↔️ Standard serial for extended compatibility including radios for poor cell phone coverage areas

Compatible with John Deere monitors, including auto-steering, section control and mapping. The enclosure is compatible to the existing JD square mounts, and comes with a lock option to secure it from theft. For a complete setup:  Use the EMLID Base station at your farm (which uses a sim card or your local wifi for internet access).  Use the CRG on your John Deere and use the optional internal modem to access your EMLID Base station through the free NTRIP caster provided by the EMLID setup. NOTE:  You may purchase the CRG without modem, and then if you later decide you want the internal modem, it can be purchased separately and retrofit.


Can the AGRA-GPS CRG be used on a John Deere machine (tractor, combine etc.)? Yes, the CRG is compatible with John Deere machines and will behave like a standard John Deere receiver. (Not supported:  implement steer, SF1,SF2,SF3.   Supported: WAAS, EGNOS and of course RTK) Is the AGRA-GPS CRG compatible with the John Deere RTK Base Station? No, the CRG is incompatible with John Deere base stations. However, it is compatible with any other base station providing industry standard RTCM 3.x corrections.
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