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VALTRA Bridge compatible with John Deere Receiver

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Features of the Valtra-JD Bridge
  • Use your John Deere receiver and 1800, 2600, 2630, 4240 or 4640 display in autosteer and ISO-BUS Ready Valtra Tractors!
  • Full integration of Autosteer, ISO-BUS functions and performance data on your JD monitor.
  • Easy Plug & Play installation.

The Valtra-JD Bridge is designed to bridge the communication between a Valtra tractor (Autoguide ready) and a John Deere display (1800, 2600, 2630, or 4640).

This allows a JD display to create maps in the John Deere format and also provides autosteer.

The operator uses the JD display to create AB-lines. The current position is determined by a John Deere receiver and all this information is used by the Valtra-JD Bridge to create steering instructions for the Valtra tractor.

All conditions for autosteer such as minimum speed, steering enabled etc. must be met by the Valtra system before the autosteer engage option in the tractor can be activated.


Download Agra-GPS Valtra Bridge Installation Manual

Download Agra-GPS SmartTouch Install Manual

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